Tuesday, September 7, 2010


By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Hiking By Moonlight
October 22-24
There is adventure and mystery to hiking by moonlight. Your senses are tuned in when you are reminded that there are eyes in the woods watching your every move and none of them are human. Owls silently swoop by you and animals move in the bushes as you pass. There are unseen creatures hiding in the shadows. Creatures normally hidden during the day are active in the dark. In the moonlight, the woods take on a mysterious beauty. Join us for a little night time adventure in the woods as we brave the moonlit path and take an easy 2 hour hike to a rocky hilltop, then down to the open meadows where we'll roast marshmallow over a toasty fire.
Our adventure package includes:
two nights accommodations
hearty country breakfast each morning
a fireside supper
moonlight hike
Package is $39 pp over your room rate
Standard room rates start at $129 per night d/o, fireplace rooms start at $169 and luxury Jacuzzi suites start at $199.

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