Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rosewood Event Season kicks into high gear

Rosewood Country Inn: Come be part of our continuing story.  Back when our Inn was the Pleasant View Farm our lovely building used to be at the end of the line - literally.  It was the end of the train line, as far from New York or Boston as you could come.  Back in those days, think the 19-teens - most of the films were not shot in Hollywood - they were shot here on the East Coast.  Famous movie stars of the silent era stayed at our Inn (per our old ledgers) as a way to escape the quick paced life of shooting 20 and more films a year.  Famous names being:  Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Gloria Swanson, The Gish sisters etc are all shown staying at our lovely Inn back in the day.  We've heard from long time residents that Chaplin even played golf on the 9 hole course that used to be part of Pleasant View Farms property.  Sadly we no longer have that golf course.

What we do have, and what we are doing more of every year is we love to host themed parties, and murder mystery weekends where you our guest get to play all sorts of "characters" in themed activities.  We don't hire actors, as much fun as that can be, we find our guest really enjoy getting to play the various parts themselves, and immerse themselves in the various roles as much as they choose to do - some just want to watch and be a fly on the wall, but others want to do it all, be the murderer, the prime suspect or the daring detective!  It's all in fun, and you can truly let your hair down and get into your role however, or as little as you so choose (warning, even those that at first say they don't want to do much tend to really get into it and have a blast!!).

This fall we will be hosting our Wizarding School and Granite Horror ( Granite is a little Rocky...Rocky Horror right).  Then in the winter of 2020 we will be hosting a Middle Ages, Another Wizarding School, a Steampunk, 1950's High School reunion and a 1940's Debutante's birthday.

We also have our yearly story telling with Story teller impresario Rebecca Rule the first Saturday in December.

We are always open to hosting more events as well - for private parties, company gatherings or family get togethers.  Planning a smaller wedding (less than 100 guests) consider having the wedding here, and we could have your rehearsal dinner evening as a murder mystery...what an amazing icebreaker for families being joined together by marriage!

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